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The Bathymetry from Space concept serves the
• The National Imagery and Mapping Agency and
needs of, and will be supported by, federal agen-
the Department of Defense require high-resolu-
cies, corporations, educators, and individuals.
tion deflections of the vertical (marine gravity)
to support real-time inertial navigation of their
• The National Aeronautics and Space Administra-
• The petroleum exploration industry requires
tion’s Earth Science Enterprise program requires
bathymetry and seafloor roughness to under-
high-resolution gravity anomalies for deep-water
stand Earth’s climate system—in particular, the
exploration along the global continental mar-
effects of ocean circulation and mixing on tem-
• Educators and the general public use global
perature, CO2, and sea level.
bathymetric maps to increase the public un-
• The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration requires gravity and bathymetry in all
derstanding of the deep oceans—the last un-
aspects of its mission, including geodesy, envi-
explored regions of our planet. Public opinion
ronmental prediction, fisheries management, and
polls favor ocean exploration over space explo-
coastal charting, and issues related to the Law
ration by two to one.1
of the Sea.
• The National Science Foundation’s basic science programs, such as the RIDGE2000 and
MARGINS programs, examine specific localities.
Bathymetry from Space will provide the global
framework and context for these local studies.
American Attitudes toward the Ocean, SeaWeb, 900 Adult Americans interviewed, May 10-15, 1996. American Attitudes toward the Ocean II, SeaWeb,
1014 Adult Americans interviewed, August 21-24, 1997.