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1-1 pgs. 6-11 (Write this)
IN: List three things you
would like to study
about the Earth.
Geology – the study of the solid
 Volcanologist – volcanoes.
 Seismologist – earthquakes.
 Paleontologist – fossils.
Oceanography – the study of
the ocean.
 Physical – waves and ocean currents.
 Biological – plants and animals.
 Chemical – natural chemicals and
Meteorology – the study of the
entire atmosphere.
 One of the most common careers in
meteorology is weather forecasting.
 Hurricanes
 Tornadoes
Astronomy – the study of all
physical things beyond Earth.
 Study stars, asteroids, planets, and
everything else in space.
 Ecology – relationships between
organisms and their surroundings.
 Geochemistry – chemistry of rocks,
minerals, and soil.
 Environmental Science – how
humans interact with the
 Geography- surface features of the
OUT: Which
branch of Earth
Science would you
like to study?