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Student Learning Map for Unit: Importance of Ocean Exploration (1.2)
Key Learning(s):
The ocean is an integral part of life on the Earth. It drives the weather and climate as well as provides food, oxygen, and natural
resources. The oceans have influenced human history and society both in the past and will in the future.
Unit Essential Question(s):
What is Marine Science?
The history of Oceanography – Why study it?
European Voyages of Discovery
(1400 – 1700)
The Birth of Marine Science
(1700 – 1900)
20th Century Marine Science The
Oceanography Explosion
Lesson Essential Question(s):
Lesson Essential Question(s):
Lesson Essential Question(s):
What were the primary motivations that
lead to the ocean explorations of the 15th
century? (A)
What 3 explorers established the route
around the Cape of Good Hope to India?
Why did Christopher Columbus choose a
different route in his attempt to find
India? (A)
Who lead the first expedition around the
world? (A)
How did the voyage of James Cook differ
from those of sea explorers before him? (A)
What invention in 1735 was a major
breakthrough for open ocean navigation?
Which continent did the U.S. Exploring
Expedition prove exists? (A)
Why is Matthew Maury the Father of
Physical Oceanography? (A)
How did Darwin explain the formation of
coral reefs? (A)
Why was the expedition of the H.M.S.
Challenger important? (A)
What change led to the expansion of
modern oceanography? (A)
What is the significance of the German
Meteor, Atlantis, and the 2nd H.M.S.
Challenger expeditions? (A)
How have submersibles and self-contained
diving changed the study of the ocean?
What other technology has expanded
under-water research? (ET)
(A) – Acquisition Lesson
(ET) – Extended Thinking
Hydrothermal vent
Model from Learning-Focused Strategies. Thompson, M., Thompson, J. (2008)
Global Positioning System