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1. What percentage of the Earth’s water is found in the ocean?
2. What role does water vapor play in ocean water supply?
3. What is needed in order for the collapse of a star to take place?
4. How was the Earth formed?
5. What is needed for the development of life on Earth to take place?
6. How was the Earth’s moon created?
7. Explain the role of biosynthesis.
8. Know the 6 specialties of marine science and their roles.
9. What comprises a Milky Way?
10. What is density stratification’s role?
11. Know the age of the fossils that are indicative of the first life forms on Earth
12. Know the role of science in terms of marine study. Why is science important?
13. REVIEW CONVERSIONS (grams, meter, liter; Kilo, Hecto, Deca, Deci, Centi,
14. Know how to calculate density.
15. Know the steps of the scientific method and their specific roles
16. What is the role of a supernova?
17. What influences the life history of a star?
18. Review planets discussed in chapter, particularly the water content of each.
19. Review the SI units utilized for metric conversions (see metric lab/notes)
20. What is the importance of formulating a hypothesis?
21. Ocean, continents, and climate are related to a specialty of marine science.
Which one?
22. What is the term used to describe of planet formation? What does it consist
23. What planet has been historically recognized as having an ocean?
24. What needs to be present in order for life to occur on other planets?
25. The presence of heavy elements such as gold is related to what process
discussed in class?
26. What is the importance of a law in relation to the study of marine science?
27. Know the steps of star formation, including its final product.
28. Know the role of the greenhouse effect on life on Earth.
29. Know the Big Bang theory. Review numerical data and process pertaining to
30. Define the importance of the scientific method?