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Can EVERY molecule pass through
the cell membrane freely? Why or
why not?
Cell Transport Module Review Sheet
Passive Transport
Main Idea
Passive transport is the movement
of molecules across the
membrane from areas of higher
concentration to areas of lower
Materials move across membranes
because of concentration
It does not require energy input
from the cell.
Think of an example of passive transport
and list it here
Facilitated Diffusion
Active Transport occurs when a cell uses energy to move molecules against a concentration gradient.
Molecules are moved from lower to higher concentration. It does require energy input from the cell.
Cell membrane engulfs a
substance and brings it
inside the cell
“Cell Eating”
The opposite of
endocytosis removal of
substances out of a cell
by the fusion of a vesicle
with the membrane.
Sodium-Potassium Pump
Movement of Na+ and K+ ions across a membrane through the use of a
Requires Energy in the form of ATP & a Carrier Protein
Understanding Check
Write the type of
transport then indicate if
energy is required or not