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Biology X: Reading and Notes Assignment
You will be quizzed over the information in this assignment. Use your books and notes
Reading Assignment: Pages 169-173
1. List three scientists that contributed to the study of cells and what each of their
contributions where.
2. What are the types of microscopes we talked about in class and what do they do?
3. Explain the three parts of the Cell Theory.
4. Draw three possible shapes of cells
5. What is the size of most cells?
6. What do you think is meant by the statement, “The size of a cell is limited by the
relationship of the cell’s outer surface area to its volume”?
7. What are the three main parts of a cell and what is their function in the cell?
8. Compare and contrast prokaryotes and eukaryotes?
9. Why are the three structures that are in plant cells, absent in animal cells?
10. What is a plastid?
11. What can be stored in vacuoles?
12. What organic molecule are cell walls made of?