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cells/cell theory
fall 2015
Objectives: To learn the structure and function of plant and animal cells and to understand modern cell theory.
Question: What is a cell?
Draw a cell here
Cell theory:
Size of cells:
Types of cells: There are __________ types of cells (_______________ and _____________________).
I. Prokaryotes:
Characteristics of prokaryotes:
II. Eukaryotes:
Characteristics of eukaryotes:
Please list the function of the following organelles found un the animal cell.
Cell membraneNucleusNuclear envelopeNuclear poreNucleolusChromatinNuclear sapCytoplasmMitochondrionGolgi complexCentrioleMicrotubuleVacuoleLysosomeMicrobodyMicrofilamentRibosomeEndoplasmic reticulumHyaloplasmPlease do the same for the organelles found in a plant cell.
Cell membraneCell wallPlasmodesmaVacouleTonoplastCrystalPlastidsChloroplastLeucoplastChromoplastGolgi complexRibosomeEndoplasmic ReticulumMitochondrionMicrotubuleMicrofilamentLysosomeMicrobodyHyaloplasmNucleusNuclear envelopeNuclear porePlant cells vs animal cells:
Animal Cell
Plant Cell