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Application of Performance
Indicators in Monitoring Capacity
Building for Adaptation to Climate
Change in the Eleven (11) Desert
Prone Frontline States of Northern
Special Climate
Change Unit
Federal Ministry
of Environment, Abuja Nigeria
Peter Tarfa
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 6-7 November 2008
About Us
• National Focal Point for climate change;
• DNA for CDM;
• broad mandate: undertakes national
implementation of the UNFCCC, the Kyoto Protocol
and any other instrument put in place on climate
change issue.
National Capacity Building Activities
 Preparation of National Communication;
 Preparation of NAPA (on voluntary bases);
 National climate change programmes: awareness
creation, technology needs assessment, CDM
implementation etc;
Capacity Building cont.
E-Newsletter on climate change;
Website design for climate change;
Training on negotiation skills;
Launched the CDM procedural guidelines;
Project on building Nigeria’s Response to Climate
Change (BNRCC),
Capacity Building for Implementation of Adaptation
• The Eleven (11)desert prone front line states in
Nigeria are facing precarious situation due to impacts
of climate change.
• Recognizing the need to build the capacity of policy
makers and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)
in tackling climate change adaptation, a three days
National Workshop for the policy makers was
Capacity Building
• The workshop is part of the activities under a
“Three year National Awareness Programme”
on climate change;
• Workshop targeted specifically States
Commissioners of Environment, Permanent
Environmental Protection Agencies, Directors
and representatives of NGOs from the eleven
Objective of the Workshop
• To facilitate formulation of good environmental
policy and integrate climate change adaptation issues
into the eleven front line states’ sustainable
development action plan;
• To assess and respond to vulnerability of sectors in
light of predicted climate change impacts;
• Build capacity to replicate workshops in respective
states within the zone to response to climate change.
Using Indicators for Performance
• Performance indicators are designed to provide
comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of projects or
programmes establishing output and outcomes, both
quantitatively and qualitatively
Expected output: To build informed responses to climate
change in the eleven desert prone states by enhancing
capacity at the community and state levels to implement
effective adaptation strategies, policies and actions;
Performance Indicators
•The following parameters at respective states were
accessed and evaluated:
i. Legal Framework;
ii. Governance structure;
iii. Capacity and manpower
2. Expected Outputs:
Knowledge and tools for analysis of climate change
vulnerabilities and impacts on women, key sectors and
eco-regional zones including scenarios on climate
change impacts for planning;
Practical experience about community-based
adaptation responses to climate change by vulnerable
populations in key sectors and eco-regional zones;
Tools for action on climate change adaptation
including tools and mechanisms to integrate and
strengthen the role of women in climate change
3 Outcome:
• Increased integration of gender sensitive
climate change adaptation into states
sustainable development strategies;
•Increased capacity of the states governments
and civil society to take informed action on
climate change.
• Huge need for capacity development to effectively and
efficiently response to climate change;
• Long term training essential;
• GEF funding for an enabling activity to scope needs,
support establishment of governance structure;
• Bilateral partnership to develop and implement CB
initiatives through outreach, awareness, education and
• Tracking CB implementation process.
Thank you for your attention