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Tools & Processes for
Anne Hammill
[email protected]
Geneva Meeting
April 11-12, 2007
“Do not wait; the time will
never be ‘just right.’ Start
where you stand, and work
with whatever tools you may
have at your command, and
better tools will be found as
you go along”
Napoleon Hill
Sharing Climate Adaptation Tools:
Improving decision-making for development
Aim of the meeting:
To improve decision-making at all scales to reduce risks
and avail opportunities associated with climate variability
and change
Share different screening tools
Discuss databases and other shared sources of climate
information for screening tools
Identify options for extending, improving and linking
Methodologies / Processes
ADAPT (sensitivity analysis for Bank projects, flagging, advice)
CRiSTAL (framework for community engagement; assess project impact on
adaptive capacity; prompt thinking on adjustments)
Adaptation Wizard (basic understanding of CC; economic analysis of
adaptation options and scenarios)
Country Database (collate info from NAPAs, NC, studies, UNDP country
information to develop adaptation proposals)
DGIS – Climate Quick Scans
Red Cross – Preparedness for Climate Change
USAID – Climate Change Adaptation Guidance Manual
IDS / DFID – Opportunities and Risks of Climate Change and Disasters
Information sources
PRECIS - Providing Regional Climates for Impact Studies (UK Met OFfice)
Vulnerability mapping and impact assessment
SERVIR Climate Change Mapping Tool (USAID et al)
CAIT - Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (WRI)
Some conclusions
Cross-referencing and collaboration is occuring
Inefficient replication limited – targeting particular niche
Different users; purposes (project design, portfolio
evaluation); aims (evaluate risk; evaluate adaptive
capacity); scales
Willingness to share tools and approaches – but early days
Broadly common approach – see climate-related impacts as
an additional stressor
Gap between grassroots and national / international
(traditional leaders, local government, private sector?)
Awareness-raising value
Opportunities associated with climate change??
Relevant to international processes:
G8 Gleneagles Plan of Action
UNFCCC Nairobi Work Programme on Impacts, Vulnerability, and
Adaptation to Climate Change
Communitybased Risk
Screening –
Adaptation &
 Community-level projects may
improve adaptive capacity or
constrain it
 Help users to systematically
understand the links between
livelihoods and climate
Enable users to assess a
project’s impact on communitylevel adaptive capacity
Assist users in making project
adjustments to improve its
impact on adaptive capacity
CRiSTAL: Who? How?
Community-level project
designers and managers
Draw on Environmental Impact
Assessment model
Use SL Framework to focus on
elements of coping / adaptive
capacity at local level
Logical, user-friendly process
Offer in multiple formats and
as part of a suite of tools
CRiSTAL’s Structure
4 Framing Questions in 2 Modules
M1: Synthesizing info on
climate and livelihoods
Q1: What is the climate context
Impacts of climate change?
Current hazards
Impacts of hazards
Coping strategies
Q2: What is livelihood context?
How affected by hazards?
How important to coping?
M2: Planning and managing
projects for adaptation
Q3: What are impacts of
project activities on
livelihood resources that
Vulnerable to climate risks?
Important to coping?
Q4: How can project activities
be adjusted to reduce
vulnerability and enhance
adaptive capacity?
Synergies and barriers