Download The Dangers Caused by Climate Change for Humans’ Health

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by Erik Ramadhanil, University of Indonesia
It Relates to Global Warming
Greenhouse gasses is high (quantity) in the air,
so the heat is isolated in the air. Then, the air is
starting to be warmer
Greenhouse Gasses
Carbon dioxide (CO2)
 Methane (CH4)  produced a lot of by
agriculture and cattle breeding system,
especially from the digest system of cattle
 Dinitrogen Oxide (N20)  manure
 CFC  the gas which produced by Air
Conditioner and refrigerator
The Smoke from Factory and Forest
The Phenomenon of Climate Change
Increasing of sea temperature
 Rising of sea level
 Melting of Ice in pole
 Reducing of snow in the North of Earth
The long time of drought in Australia (2003)
- The high temperature in Europe (2003)
- The long time of hurricane season in North America
(2004 & 2005)
- The high rainfall in India (2005)
- In southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, a lot of forests
are burned because the temperature is so high.
Climate Change  Flood and
Picture of (flood) and (drought)
Deungue Fever
Avian Influenza
Hunger and Famine
Many cases of famine were caused
by drought
The economic and tourism
What Should we do?
Let’s do the best for our earth…
Thank You