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Climate Change Pre/Post Quiz
Multiple Choice: Circle the letter of the one best answer.
1. The difference between weather and climate is:
a. Weather is only about temperature. Climate is about precipitation.
b. Climate is only about temperature. Weather is about precipitation.
c. Weather is the current conditions outside. Climate is the average weather over a long period of time.
d. Climate and weather actually mean the same thing.
2. What natural process keeps our planet warm when gases in the atmosphere trap heat energy from the sun?
a. climate change
a. greenhouse effect
b. air pollution
c. global warming
3. People are worried about carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere because:
a. An increase in CO2 has led to increased temperatures worldwide.
b. It can make people and other organisms sick.
c. It made a hole in the ozone layer of the atmosphere.
d. It causes acid rain.
4. Evidence that rapid climate change is caused by humans and not just natural processes is:
a. Both world average temperatures and CO2 levels have mirrored each other and gone up
dramatically following the industrial revolution of the mid-1800’s.
b. Landfills (garbage dumps) are starting to fill up.
c. People started driving more cars.
d. Climate change is not caused by human activities. It is because of volcano eruptions.
5. Which of the following can be blamed directly on climate change?
a. A week of record cold temperatures
b. A bad drought
c. A dangerous flood
d. An increase is the number of severe weather events (hurricane, drought, flood) over a long period
of time
Multiple Choice: Circle the letters of all correct answers.
6. How is rapid climate change already affecting humans?
a. spreading of diseases like asthma
b. reduced availability of drinking water
c. change in farming seasons
d. forcing people to move away from coastal areas
7. Which of the following are fossil fuels?
a. Wood
b. Oil (petroleum)
c. Coal
d. Natural gas
8. Who agrees that rapid climate change is being caused by humans?
a. Major scientific organizations and at least 97% of scientists
b. Most governments of the world
c. The fossil fuel industry
d. Not all scientists agree yet because there isn’t enough evidence.
9. Which of the following are considered to be part of someone’s carbon footprint?
a. The energy it takes to power your cell phone
b. The food you eat
c. The trash you make
d. Breathing
10. Which of the following actions will help you reduce your carbon footprint?
a. buying more “stuff”
b. reduce, reuse, and recycle things
c. eating less meat
d. turn off and unplug electronic devices when you’re not using them