Download Pro Case Study #1 Plant creosote (Larrea tridentata)

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Sam Swenson
Rasheda Vereen
Considerable uncertainty about the future
Uncertainty about effects on ecosystems
Climate Change Impacts (J.A. Harris):
◦ Increases in mean temperatures
◦ Increases in precipitation
◦ Unpredictable weather patterns
Sage bush, Cottonwood, Aspen:
◦ Grows in desert
◦ Abundant along rivers and other wet areas
“Native species become less viable under future climate
conditions” B. Bradley, Climate Change and plant invasions, p.
Some native species already threatened by local vegetation
Highly efficient in water absorption
Long life span (100+ years)
Ability to tolerate extreme drought stress
Established ecological community dependent on creosote for
Native plants considerably less prepared to tolerate drought
(Domino effect)
Bees depend on nectar