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Keeping Hope Alive: What did Doha Deliver?
January 16, 2013 | 10:00 AM EST
Speaker: Xueman Wang
Team Leader, Partnership for Market Readiness
World Bank
Doha Gateway: A Gateway to Global Action
o Keeps the Kyoto Protocol alive
 Launches a new commitment period
 Reviews the commitment in 2014
o Streamlines the pathway to a global agreement
on climate change
 Closes a negotiating track launched in Bali 2007
 Establishes a timetable and milestone for 2015
 Continues the efforts to raise the level of ambition to
close the mitigation gap
o Consolidates the architecture for implementation
Transparency for implementation (“MRV”)
New approaches to market instruments
Kyoto Protocol: Doha Amendment
o Second Commitment Period until 2020
 But the mitigation targets only cover 15% of global emissions
 Canada has withdrawn from the Protocol;
 Japan, Russia and New Zealand will not join the second
commitment period
o Use of the Kyoto Mechanisms (e.g.CDM, JI)
 Countries that will not join the second commitment period
will not be able to use the CDM/JI
o Carry over “AAUs” – “hot air” from the first to the second
commitment period
 Rules related to accounting AAUs will be further developed;
 A group of developed countries have declared that they will not
purchase AAUs during the second commitment period
Durban Platform: A New Round of Negotiation:
Defining a future climate regime
o Raises the level of ambition (before 2020)
 Seeks additional action to close the mitigation gap
o A process to prepare for adoption of a global climate
agreement in 2015
 Workshops to build common understanding
 Producing a negotiating text by 2014
 A summit convened by the UN Secretary General in 2014
Implementation Architecture: Finance
 Long term financing:
 Pathway from Fast Start Financing to reaching US$100bn
by 2020
 $8.5bn in new financing pledged (UK, Germany, France,
Denmark, Sweden and EU Commission)
 Green Climate Fund:
 Institution: Confirming Songdo, South Korea, to host GCF
 Relationship between the GCF Board and the
Conference of the Parties
 Private Sector Facility
New Approaches to Market Instruments
Key issues:
- How to ensure credibility and transparency (“e.g. real emission reductions”)
- How to avoid “bureaucracy”?
- What is relationship with the UNFCCC CoP?
Loss and Damage
o Addressing loss and damage in poor and vulnerable countries as
a result of climate change
 Assessing impact
 Possible institutional mechanisms
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