Download Geometry A Unit 4 Day 2 Algebra Review Solving I. We`ve used the

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Solving ax 2  bx  c  0
Geometry A Unit 4 Day 2 Algebra Review
I. We’ve used the “zero product principle” to solve equations like:
x 2  18 x  45  0
First we factor based on the 45 (and the 18 as a
check that we used the right factors).
Then (though we might not always think of it) we
use the conclusion that one of those factors must be
zero if their product is.
II. Suggestion for more difficult factoring problems:
6 x 2  17 x  10  0
Multiply the first and last number together (without
their signs)
Figure out what factors of 60 will add/subtract to
make the 17 in the middle.
Split the middle term into those two numbers, signs
included, with an x after each number.
Factor the first two terms (using GCF) and the
second two terms (using GCF)
Both sets of parentheses should match. Write that as
one of your final factors, and write the “left over”
parts as your other final factor
Solve: 2a 2  7a  6  0
5b 2  b  1  b 2  19