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What is Advertising?
• To make something known to the public
• An advertisement may include an image,
item, action, concept, or gimmick used to
promote, market, or make us think
favorably about a product.
Advertising Mediums
Billboards and magazines
TV commercials
Movies and Radio Ads
Brand names and logos on everything
from clothing and personal accessories,
racing cars, cocktail napkins, etc.
What is BADvertising?
• It is the Truth through Contradiction
• The act of “doctoring-up” misleading ads
to create a more accurate picture.
• Cigarette advertisers
will never tell the
truth.. they can’t.
The truth is deadly.
• Instead, they promise
us pleasure, fun,
status, and glamour,
and their idyllic
images are accepted
as a given: they are
urban wallpaper. We
see them; we do not
question them.
• Seeing is believing," we are told, but
advertisements are created and composed, they
are not candid photographs of real life.
• Children are exposed to these false images from
the cradle, but the process through which the
ads come into being is not visible to the eye of a
small child...or any of us!
• The "smooth" camel is
apparently enjoying his smoke.
He's real. He's cool. He's
having fun.
• TV and movies are creating
the illusion that smoking is
an acceptable activity and
everybody's doing it.
Why we need to BADvertise
• Children have no idea
who's being paid or
pressured to give them
these ideas. Without some
kind of rude awakening,
they grow up to be
oblivious, complacent,
addicted adults.
• Is designed to startle viewers
• To shake up the consciousness before we
can ask, “What’s really going on here?”
Information may influence
what we think……
• But it is imagery
that kindles desire,
and desire
Deceptive Advertising
• While many products and their advertisers
are willfully misleading the public with
deliberately deceptive advertising, no
deception is currently more blatant than
that of the tobacco industry
Deceptive Advertising
• Today tobacco billboards are illegal and
the number of magazine ads have
• But Tobacco advertising has not gone
• Their tactics are becoming much more
subtle and devious….and more difficult for
the unaware to recognize.
Subliminal Message
• They’ve even duped
the Pope into
advertising their
cigarettes for them!
• He thinks they’ve
asked to talk to him
about racing cars,
but in fact, they’re
using his name and
his highly esteemed
position to sanctify their cigarettes.
• The forms may be more
subtle today, but their
intent remains the same..
To seduce more young
people into a lifetime
addiction to tobacco
and thereby increase
their profits.
BADvertise by creating your
own honest ads…..
The purpose of BADvertising
• BADvertising is a special
way of seeing; a way of
• Anyone can Badvertise,
any time, by looking for
the truth behind an ad
Examples of BADvertising
By superimposing an
honest image over a
dishonest ad, the truth
of the matter becomes
very clear.
And nowhere are the
consequences so deadly!
And nowhere are the
consequences so deadly!
BADvertising can be
accomplished by:
• Physically cutting and pasting the ads
• Manipulating the images on a computer
screen, or
• Correcting the images in your own mind
every time you see a deceptive or
misleading ad
• The BADvertising Institute
• Debbie
• High School Bathroom