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Causes you to remember a particular brand name.
May be a higher end product
Consumer pays the cost of advertising
Influences the consumer to buy a product by
educating you about the benefits of the product
Bias-They convince you to choose the advertised
Compares product to competitors product
Tells you why they are the better choice
Used to counter attacks of comparative
Does not provide anymore factual information
than the comparative advertiser
Appeals to your emotions to influence your
Leaves out factual information
The consumer ultimately pays for advertising
Business spend over 200 billion dollars a year
Increase sales has a positive impact on the
Trading Up
Referral Selling
Door to Door
Free Gimmick
 Bait and Switch
 Fear Sell
 Pyramid scheme
Involvement Technique
Opening “hooks” you in the first few seconds
Fast editing to catch the eye
Strong colors or visual images
Sexy images
Catchy music or audio
Emotional Needs
Advertise to satisfy basic needs. Feel part of a
community, loved,
successful, admired, confident, unique and different,
or a member of the “in” group. Ads can sell variety,
excitement or adventure.
Power of Association
Celebs/famous athletes advertise in hopes that
their fame will rub off on the product. Luxurious
settings, beautiful people.
Powerful persuasive force and is often used for
personal care products or public service ads. Fear
if failure, rejection, bad breath, underarm odor,
social disgraces.
Positioning and Market Segmentation
Advertisers position a product for a certain
population. Some companies will make 2 products
and market two segments. Chevrolet, Buick,
Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Pontiac are appealing to
different taste and market segments, but are all
owned by General Motors.
Buzz Words
Phone Sales
Pitch to put you in the “yes mode.”
Direct Mail Involvement
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