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How Computers Are Used
in the World of
Advertising- a persuasive communication in a
paid medium by an identified sponsor.
4 major organizations which comprise the field of
advertising are:
 advertisers
 ad agencies
 suppliers
 media
Advertising Uses Computers for
Many Different Tasks
Advertisers-use computers to create the layout their
client wants for a certain project
Ad Agencies-use computers to present the finished
work to their clients and re-touch anything the client
may want changed
Suppliers-may use computers to make spreadsheets of
the items they have sold or are selling
Media-use computers to distribute their ads whether in
newspapers, magazines, or TV stations
Advertising Uses Computers for
Many Different Tasks
Creating Designs
Writing Scripts
Account Management
Ad Preparation
Contacting Clients
Graphic Designs
Advertising Ads
The Designers
Graphic Designers use high tech creative
programs in order to create a specific add for
their client. The client is able to make changes
to the design with the computer programs
Computer Generated Graphics-are used for TV
commercials and help reach a specialized
market, such as children to help show things
they might not otherwise understand.
As you can see, computers help the world of
advertising out in a big way. Whether it is
writing scripts, sending emails, or designing ads
computers can be used for a lot. Without the
use of a computer, advertisers would be sent
back to the drawing boards.