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Chapter 14 notes
_______________ is the paid, non-personal form of communication that businesses use
to promote their products.
___________________ are means of communication such as TV, radio, and newspapers.
Print Media
Direct-Mail Advertising
______________________ consists of ads sent by mail to people’s homes.
It is the biggest advertising medium after TV and newspapers
______________________, which consists mostly of phone books, is especially useful
for local advertisers.
Outdoor Advertising
The most common form of outdoor advertising is a ______________.
____________________ usually consists of posters placed on the sides of buses, in
subway stations, inside trains, and at airports.
Broadcast Media
An _______________ is a TV program, usually 30 minutes long, made to advertise a
A _____________ is like a TV or radio broadcast but it is sent and received over the
____________ are ads that appear on the Internet.
Chapter 14 notes
Cyber ads are different from web-casts in that they’re displayed like magazine ads.
______________ appear for a few seconds when you first log onto the Internet or when
you click on a site.
The factors that determine advertising rates are:
The size of an ad
The number of people it reaches
How often it appears
When it appears
Where it is placed
Broadcast Media
Radio and TV advertisers usually pay for ads that are 10, 30, or 60 seconds long.