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Greatest Movie Ever Sold Assignment
Go to one of the following websites:
List the advertisers you see one the home page of each site.
Are the products advertised consistent? (Are they of the same type of product)
Do you see any subtle ads for products (ex. powered by Google) These are not readily apparent,
you will have to look.
Play a video. Is there a commercial? What is it for? How Long?
Think for a few minutes about the amount of advertising you see and hear on a daily basis,
when you read, surf the net, look at your phone, watch TV, drive, listen to the radio, etc. Then
type your answers to the following three questions on a following page. These answers
should be several sentences each and show some DEPTH of thought.
a. Does this create a form of POLLUTION for society ? Like the town of Sao Paulo in Brazil
said existed (we saw in the film). Explain.
b. Do you think the amount of economic activity spent on advertising is a benefit to
society? Or is it a drain? Explain.
c. What from the movie shocked you? (Be Specific) Do you think that Morgan Spurlock
(the Director) is creating a problem that doesn’t exist? Is he exaggerating?