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AP Human Geography
Living on One Dollar
For each of the following factors of the Human Development Index (HDI), provide evidence/specific
details from the film. You will use this after the movie to compare life in Guatemala to life in the United
A decent standard of living
(think about income, jobs, quality and
quantity of food/clothing, other
consumer goods like cars, telephones,
computers, etc.)
A long and healthy life
(think about healthcare, quality and
quantity of food/drinking water)
Access to knowledge
(think about quantity/quality of
schooling, language skills)
After the movie:
Write at least a page response comparing your life as a teenager in the United States to the lives of the
people living on a dollar a day in Guatemala. In what ways was this movie eye opening about the way
that people in developing countries live? What are some things that you will never have to worry about
living in a developed country? Is there anything in your life that you realize you may take for granted
after seeing the movie?