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JORGE A. COLÓN #4 2/14/20
To all artists, critics and the population at large:
As you may know, art began and has existed for as long as humanity has existed. Since
the stone age to modern times, art has persisted and evolved, branching off into many
different forms. From paintings, literature, music and movies, among others, are all art.
Anything created by a someone to send a message can and should be considered art.
So I ask you this question: Why do we insist on destroying our art?
Why do we wish to sanitize, clean and neuter everything we do not agree with? Art is
not made so that all anyone who sees it will change and transform it into something they
enjoy. Art is very personal, it is a window into the mind of all those who create it. So I
believe that all who condemn, ignore or erase a piece of art are in the wrong, since to
condemn art is to condemn the artist. However, we still continue to do it, harming all art
in doing so.
I am not opposed to opinions and critiques on art, since it is how and artist learns and
grows, but it must come from a place of understanding, if not passion. “I didn't like it”
doesn't teach the artist anything, say why you didn't like it, or what you thought was
good or bad; analyze what the message of art was and see whether or not it achieved it,
regardless of your feelings. One should also not try to change an artists vision, since it
JORGE A. COLÓN #4 2/14/20
will muddle it; as an example, I will use the case of the movie “Snowpiercer” from
director Bong Joon-Ho and distributer Harvey Weinstein. The movie had many issues in
it production due to the meddling of Weinstein, who asked for many changes to fit his
plans for the movie. This meddling got so drastic that Bong Joon-Ho had to flat-out lie
about his family in order to maintain his vision. This situation is only one of many, and
shows that wanting to force your wants into the art of another only creates problems.
Others have said that it is necessary and correct to sanitize and remove certain
creations because it inappropriate to certain demographics, in particular young children.
These people are wrong from the start, art should not be changed in order fit a certain
demographic, it should be properly distributed to said demographic. You obviously
wouldn't show a 10-year-old a dark horror movie, but you could show them a children's
movie with a slightly darker tone and deeper messages so that they can learn and
understand these concepts. Later on, when they have matured more, they can go and
find art that they connect with, where they'll grow and learn even more. If you destroy art
that doesn't fit with what you like, you'll ruin the chances that someone else will like it.
They have also claimed that art that has wrong moral and political messages should be
forgotten, I must disagree again, as immoral and incorrect art has important
informational value. They can be a glimpse of the thoughts and feelings of the past,
person, group or entire civilizations. In conclusion, all forms of art are necessary, since
JORGE A. COLÓN #4 2/14/20
they are a critical teacher and entertainer. Art showcases, evolves and represents all
aspects of life. Art is one of the many foundations on which the world stands on, and is
one of the most important.