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Black History Month
Slide Presentation
Due___Feb 22__I Have the person/date/or topic
You Are going to be a News reporter! Your job is to find out and report what was happening regarding the topic
that you have been given.
This will be an open-ended research in which you will select the questions and design the research.
You will use your topic or time period and study it as a researcher would. You must access the resources during
that time. Your final project must be presented in one of the following formats: movie maker; PowerPoint; prezi;
Google Slides, or some other approved tool.
Your final product must be entirely your own work. No plagiarizing from a source on the Internet or anyplace else.
This will result in a 0 grade. Your final product must include:
A. 10 content slides from your research or more with at least 10 facts. 20 pts
B. Pictures, maps, and images that will draw the viewer into the event/time that you were given. 20 pts
C. An attractively presented project that shows great effort and time. (this should be obvious). 20 pts
D. Watch a reporter on the news. Try not to just read your slides but use them as a guide. Involve the
audience. Clear and Loud voice. Look at your audience occasionally. 20 pts.
E. At least 5 minutes no shorter. 20 pts.
Besides your slideshow, please have ready the most important question and answer regarding your topic and give
this to Mrs. Bowman on a piece of paper. This will be something that can be a takeaway for your classmates. They
will be tested from these 20 facts that will be compiled into one study guide. This Q and A should be on the slide
before the last one which should be a concluding slide.
Students will have next Friday the 11th to work on it in the Computer Lab. Come prepared.
We will begin presenting these in class on_______Feb 22nd______. It will take 2-3 days because we will not take
the entire class period each day to present these.
Thanks for participating in this project! Any questions feel free to email me at [email protected].
Lastly, I would like to show the movie Hidden Figures(
reviews/hidden-figures). It really puts into perspective what our Black friends had to go through, but has an amazing
twist in the movie. It is so good. So, don’t respond if you are okay with your son/daughter seeing the movie. Only
respond, if you are not okay with them seeing it and I will have something for them to do. Lastly, this is not free movie
time, they will be doing a movie analysis from the film.
Be blessed-
Jill A Bowman