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The Promotional Mix
1. Advertising
Print Media
Online Advertising
Broadcast Media
Transit Media – found on public
Outdoor advertising – outdoor
2. Personal Selling
Requires that a company employ
sales reps who generate and
maintain direct contact with
prospects and customers
Personal meeting
3. Direct Marketing
Targeting towards a specific group of
Regular mail to homes or businesses
Typically making special offers, coupons,
discounts, etc.
Can-Spam Act (2003) – senders of
unsolicited commercial emails must give
recipients a way to ‘opt out’
4. Sales Promotion
All marketing activities that are used
to stimulate purchasing and sales
Increases sales, customer awareness
and positive business image
5. Public Relations
 Bridges the gap between an organization and the
 Creates a favorable image
 Encourages community service/outreach
 Shares news about the organization with the
public (publicity) – unlike advertising, publicity is
 Can be towards employees, customers or the
general public
News Release
Announcement sent to an appropriate
media outlet (newspapers, news stations,
Can include information about
 product/service
 facilities
 employees
 events
 Etc.