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Learn about the discovery of the cell.
Describe the three parts of the cell theory.
Compare and contrast eukaryotic and prokaryotic
List the parts of the cell and their functions (in class).
Describe how a cell is like a factory (in class).
Textbook pages 168-173
Think! Think!! Think!!
How big is a cell?
Is a cell smaller or bigger than an
How many cells are in your body?
The Size of A Cell
Remember that an atom is about the size
of a centimeter divided into one million
Cells are made of atoms, so cells are
larger than atoms. Imagine a centimeter
divided into only 10,000 parts. The size
of one of those parts is about the size of
a cell.
There are about 100 trillion atoms (100,
000, 000, 000, 000)in a cell and about
100 trillion cells in your body.
Cells Are Amazing!
Everything that is alive is made of
 Cells have many parts.
 Cells can exist as part of living
things, or they can exist on their
own as single-celled organisms like
the paramecium , amoeba and
bacteria. They move, reproduce,
eat and swim.
Human Cells
 Your body has over
200 different types of
*Red blood cells
*Nerve cells
*Skin cells
*Bone cells
The main job of all
your cells is to make
protein. (!!!!!)
Discovery of the Cell
Robert Hooke – 1665
 Looked at cork, coined the word “cell”
Discovery of the Cell
Anton van Leeuwenhoek– 1674
 Looked at pond water
Your Assignment
Create a “Fakebook” page for one of the scientists
on pages 170-171.
(Hooke, van Leeuewenhoek, Schleide, Schwann,
Virchow, or Margulis)
Fakebook -
Use tutorial to help you create the page
Research the scientist using an internet source
Must have image, name, birth date, birth
country, and three posts that discuss the
scientist’s discoveries
Save it and email me the link to your page at
[email protected] no later than one week
from today.
Cell Theory (!!!!!)
By the early 1900’s, many scientists had
made observations of cells which led to
Cell Theory:
• All living things are composed of cells.
• Cells are the basic unit of structure and function of
living things. (The parts inside a cell can not survive
on their own, but some cells can.)
• New cells are produced only from existing cells.
Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
 Do not have a
nuclear membrane
 Nuclear membrane
– envelope-like
covering that holds
together the
nucleus of the cell
 Examples are
bacteria and some
Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
 Do have a nuclear
 Nuclear
membrane –
covering that
holds together
the nucleus of the
 Examples are
humans and
Parts of the Cell
 How
many parts of the cell
can you name without
looking it up?