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A vw bug is like a cell because it
has the same parts as the cell
parts do.
A vehicle computer is like the cell
nucleus Because the computer controls
The cell membrane is like a fuel filter
because it catches trash in the fuel and lets the
clean run through
The cell wall is like a car frame because the
frame supports the whole car.
The endoplasmic reticulum is like the gas line in a
car. Because it carries the gas to the motor
The golgi apparatus is like the fuel
pump because the pump pumps gas
from the tank through the gas lines
The mitochondrion is like a car engine
because it is what produces all the
The vacuole is like a gas tank
because the tank stores the gas
until it needs to be used/released.
The ribosome is like pistons in a car.
Because this is where the fuel is burned.
have cell wall-outside
 do photosynthesis and cell respiration
Green in color due to chlorophyll
Have chloroplasts
 square due to cell wall
1 large central vacuole
 have cytos Skelton-inside
 do cell respiration
 white, pink, red due to blood
 no chloroplasts
 can be any shape (rounded)
Many , small vacuoles
They are the same by providing structure and support.