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What are Ribosomes?
Found in every cell
Protein Synthesizers of the cell
Located on the Rough ER and in the cytoplasm in eukaryotic cells
and move freely in prokaryotic cells
They are a combination of RNA and proteins
What do they do?
Read mRNA (messenger RNA) to build proteins
Rough ER
Builds proteins to send out of the cell
Builds proteins to use in the cytoplasm
What do they look like?
They are up to 10x’s larger in Eukaryotic cells
2 Subunits-based on sedimentation in a centrifuge
Smaller one attaches to mRNA
Larger attaches to tRNA (transfer RNA) and amino acids
What happens when they don’t
work correctly
Alzheimer's Disease
Impairment of the function of ribosomes
Decreased rate of protein synthesis and ribosomal RNA and tRNA
Ultimately results in memory loss
Diamond-Blackfan anaemia
Extremely rare
Low blood cell count
Occurs when ribosomal protein 19 is mutated and affects the translation and protein
synthesis in the bone marrow
Ultimately results in lack of oxygen to the body