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Cell theory
The cell is the basic unit of structure
All living things are composed of cells
Unicellular and multi cellular
all cells come from pre-existing cell
Important organs in a cell
Nuclease: contains the cells DNA brain of the cell
Mitochondria: site of respiring provides the energy for the cell to function
Ribosomes: site where proteins are made
Vacuole: storage.
Cytoplasm: watery fluid that all the cell organelles float in water.
All cells are composed of one or more cells.
Anton van Leeuwenhoek (lavenhook) robert hook
robert hook looked at cork through a microscope and it reminded him of cells that monks
live in. he also liked al types of science.
matthias schlieden a botonist how liked to look at plants under a mico scope
theodore schwann he got a cell named after him and invented the rebriether for fire fitters