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Course: Advertising and Communication Management
Description of the First Assignment
Deadline: Thursday, 19th of November, 2015, 9am to 11 am
Evaluation: 25% of the final grade
Work load: As already discussed, students will work in teams for all three assignments of
this course.
Description: For the first assignment each team will have to prepare a class presentation on
a current issue in advertising and marketing communications. Each team will have ten
minutes to present the respective literature review and applications of their chosen subject.
Indicative ideas–and in no way restrictive:
Social Media
Native Advertising
Smart phone applications
Mobile Video Advertising
Magic Realism
Content Collaboration
Collaborative Economy
Data visualization
Hand drawn illustrations
Extreme Content Marketing
Humanized brands
Indicative Sources
I. Academic Journals
JA: Journal of Advertising
IJA: International Journal of Advertising
JM: Journal of Marketing
JME: Journal of Marketing Research
JCR: Journal of Consumer Research
JAR: Journal of Advertising Research
EJM: European Journal of Marketing
JCP: Journal of Consumer Psychology
JAMS: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
JMC: Journal of Marketing Communications
MIP: Marketing Intelligence and Planning
EJM: European Journal of Marketing
II. Professional Magazines
Advertising Age –
Ad Week
Direct Marketing News
Brand Republic
Target Marketing
Communication Arts Magazine
Chief Marketer
CREATIVE – (a little known magazine about POS
Marketing Week
Campaign Magazine