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5 Simple Steps To Online
Marketing For Small Business
Owners: Proven System To Grow
Your Business
Internet Marketing What Is IM?
What is Internet Marketing?
Internet Marketing puts your message out to the world (literally) by placing
your message on the Internet via multimedia (text, audio, pictures, and
video) and engaging the customer at different stages of the business cycle.
Internet Marketing Why Use IM?
 Low risk ,
Lower costs
 High Reward
Greater Distribution
Interactive Capabilities
Unmatched Targeting
Unparalleled Tracking
Unprecedented Sales & ROI
Internet Marketing Changing The Game
 Internet Marketing & Web Have Changed
Internet Marketing The Solution
Have A Marketing Plan???
1. Marketing channel or something else
2. Make sure your clients/customers know
your plans
3. Regularly reinforce the message
4. Spin mistakes in your favor
Internet Marketing Template For
Internet Marketing Paid Advertising
1. Fastest Way To
Generate Traffic
2. Can Have High ROI
3. Can Generate
targeted leads
4. Can be very
5. Google Adwords,
MSN Adcenter,
Yahoo Search
6. PPC isn’t the only
paid advertising
route for small
how we can pay :
 PPC : pay per click
 CPM or CPI : Cost per a thousand impressions
 CPR : Cost per Rates
Internet Marketing Paid Advertising
Pop up adds.
Internet Marketing Free Traffic Sources
Internet Marketing Free Traffic Sources
2. SEO
Internet Marketing Lead Generation
Internet Marketing Why It Works
1. Consistently test to
increase your CTA
conversion rate
2. Perform and Analyze
testing with various tools
3. A/B split testing
4. Multivariate Testing
5. Heat Maps
6. Google Website
7. Picnet
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Rana Kilo