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Evolution Study Guide Foldable
An English naturalist who, along with
Alfred Russell Wallace, developed the
theory of evolution through natural
selection. It is this name that is most
closely associated with the theory of
A change in the genetic material (DNA)
of an organism.
The means by which evolution takes
place. Organisms that are best
adapted survive. Nature “selects”
organisms with helpful traits. Those
with harmful traits do not usually
survive to reproduce.
Differences among individuals in a
The interaction between organisms
striving for the same goals: food, water,
space, mates, etc.
The geographical separation of one
population of a species from another.
Rock formed by the laying down of
sediments – particles of sand and rock
carried most often by water.
Dating Methods
Reading the layers of sediment to
determine the oldest and youngest
fossils. The oldest fossils are usually in
the bottom layer; the youngest in the
upper layers.
Absolute Dating
Organisms that no longer live on Earth.
Fossil Record
Geologic Time Scale
A change in a species over time
through natural selection.
Evolution that takes place rapidly
especially as a result of a catastrophic
environmental event.
Ways to show evolutionary
Structures that are similar in form but
different in use such as the flipper of a
whale and the wing of a bird.
Branching Tree