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Unit 2 Review Sheet
Describe the 3 parts of cell theory.
Define the following parts of the cell and their functions.
o Plasma (Cell) Membrane
o Cytoplasm
o Nucleus
o Nuclear Envelope (Membrane)
o Mitochondria
o Ribosome
o Endoplasmic Reticulum
o Golgi Apparatus (Bodies)
o Vacuole
o Cell Wall
o Chloroplast
o Lysosome
o Centrioles
Which 2 organelles are only found in plant cells?
Which organelle is only found in animal cells?
What is the difference between permeable and impermeable, and what is the cell
membrane considered?
What is the cell membrane made of?
What part of the cell membrane allows small molecules to pass through?
What part of the cell membrane allows large molecules to pass through?
What is passive transport?
What is the difference between diffusion and osmosis?
What is active transport?
Where should you read the volume on a graduated cylinder?
What is the formula for volume for an object that is rectangular, and what is the
Describe the Displacement Method and what is the unit?