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U.S. High Yield Fund
The Objective
The Fund seeks both high current income and capital appreciation by investing in a diversified
portfolio of high-yield bonds from U.S. corporate issuers.
The Philosophy
The Fund is managed according to a disciplined philosophy, which emphasizes diversification
and extensive proprietary and public credit research. It invests primarily in high yield corporate
bonds that have been rated below investment-grade, as well as non-rated securities of
comparable quality.
The Risk
There are special risks associated with non-rated bonds and those rated below investmentgrade. These securities are subject to a greater risk for loss of principal and interest, including
default risk.
Disclosure: Shares of these funds may not be offered or sold to citizens or residents of the U.S.
These funds are currently registered for sale in the following countries: Belgium, France,
Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago and the
United Kingdom through authorized local sub-distributors appointed by the distributor of the
CJ Investment Trust & Securities Co., Ltd. is not registered to do business in these
countries and should not be seen as offering the funds via website to investors located in these
Copies of the prospectus are available in Korea from CJ Investment Trust &
Securities Co., Ltd. For more information refer to the prospectus.
There is no assurance the
Fund's objectives will be attained.
U.S. Investment Quality Bond
The Philosophy
The Fund attempts to add value to the U.S. Bond market through its research-driven investment
process, and specialized investment management that focuses on sector rotation, and yield
curve positioning.