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Julius Caesar and the End
of the Roman Republic
I. Republic in Trouble
A.) During the Punic Wars,
a lot of money came into
Rome from conquered
B.) The Patricians got richer
and the Plebeians got
I. Republic in Trouble
C.) The Plebeians (poor
people) were getting angry
about their lack of
D.) They would follow
anyone who would change
the system.
II. Julius Caesar
A.) At the same time that
Rome was having these
problems, Julius Caesar
was conquering Gaul
(France) for Rome.
II. Julius Caesar
B.) Caesar decided he could
fix the problems of Rome
by becoming dictator.
C.) He had grown tired of
the way the poor were
treated in Rome.
II. Julius Caesar
D.) He decided to march
his army into Rome and
overthrow the Republic.
E.) After a set of battles
from 49 B.C. – 47 B.C.,
he succeeded.
II. Julius Caesar
F.) Julius Caesar became
dictator of Rome in 47
G.) He started working to
help the poor very
II. Julius Caesar
H.) He made sure
everyone in Rome had
land and enough to eat.
I.) The Plebeians loved
him. The Patricians
hated and feared him.
II. Julius Caesar
J.) Caesar believed he
should be made dictator
for life.
K.) The Patricians could
not accept this.
II. Julius Caesar
L.) On March 15, 44 B.C.
Julius Caesar was
murdered by members of
the Senate.
M.) However, people in
Rome no longer liked the
idea of a Republic.
II. Julius Caesar
N.) Caesar’s death led to
years of civil war.
O.) Eventually, a strong
leader would take absolute
control over Rome and
start the Roman Empire.