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The roman times
March 20th, 44 B.C.
All the News Romans Need to Know
Rome, Italy
Julius Caesar’s Power has come
By Angela Lee
As people know, there are many
good and kind kings. Julius Caesar is
one of them. His power amazingly
controlled our state.
During 60 B.C, Julius Caesar
was a shrewd, popular politician, and
general. He joined with Pompey and
Crassus. They ruled 10 years. The
meaning of Triumvirate is rule of three,
but Caesar himself ruled as consul for
one year. Then he became governor of
Gaul. He conquered England, France,
Belgium, and part of Germany.
Crassus got killed fighting in the
East. Pompey convinced the Senate that
Caesar is dangerous. So, the Senate told
Caesar to disband his army and return to
Rome alone. Later he claimed to be
protecting the Republic in 50 B.C. He
crossed the Rubicon River and the war
began. In 46 B.C, Caesar’s armies won,
and Pompey died back in Rome.
Caesar’s lover Cleopatra, Queen
of Egypt, went back to Rome with
Caesar. The Senate appointed Caesar as
a dictator for ten years. Caesar governed
as absolute ruler with total power. He
initiated building protects, which created
new jobs. Also, he redistributed land
from the rich to the poor, and gave
soldiers land in provinces.
Later, Patricians and Senators
were troubled by Caesar. His popularity
with the low classes grew a lot. Caesar
died on March 15th, 44 B.C. After
Caesar’s assassination, second
Triumvirate was made up of Octavian,
Julius Caesar’s nephew and adopted son,
Caesar’s good friend Marc Antony, and
Lepidus. Their first goal was to kill more
than 100 senators and 2,000
businessmen, who had plotted against
Julius Caesar.
Julius Caesar and Cleopatra
Source: Class note by Mrs. Robinson