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Video Sheet: “Crash Course World History: The Roman Empire. Or Republic. Or Was it?”
1. What does SPQR stand for?
Senatus Populusque Romanus = The Senate and People of Rome
2. William Shakespeare argues that Julius Caesar was killed to preserve the Roman Republic. What
two questions must then be asked?
Was the Roman Republic worth preserving
Whether Caesar actually destroyed it
3. What blended system of government existed in Rome?
Aristocracy, Monarchy and Democracy
Balance  check and balance system
4. What was the main job of the Senate?
Senate was a mixture of legislature and giant advisory consel
Set policy for the consuls
There were two consuls chosen each year from the Senate and that was done so they
could check each other’s ambition
Additional checks on power (One year term and once a Senator had served as consul he
was forbidden from serving as counsul for another ten years)
5. Who made up the first Triumvirate?
Caesar, Crassus and Pompey
6. What reforms did Caesar pass?
Land pensions for soldiers
Re-structured debts of debtors in Rome
Changed calendar  resembles “modern” day calendar
7. What did the conspirators believe Caesar’s death would bring? Were they right? Why?
Restoration of the Roman Republic
o Many Reforms made by Caesar were popular with Roman people
o Second Triumvirate took power
o Civil War  Augustus Caesar was victorious