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Language Arts 10
Government Under the Roman Republic
Follow all of the directions below to gather information about Roman Government, the Roman Republic, and
Julius Caesar. Be sure to read all directions and information carefully.
1. Which Roman Emperor do you most resemble? Take the quiz here: Who Am I?
1a. According to the quiz, who are you most like?
2. Go to Roman Government
2a. Answer the questions below.
1. Under the Roman Republic, who shared the head of government?
2. How long did people serve as Consul?
3. What was the consuls most important power?
4. What is a patrician?
5. What did the Senate do? (list all of the responsibilities given)
6. How many seats were in the Senate?
7. What is the Assembly?
8. What is a plebeian?
9. What did the Assembly do?
10. If a person wanted to rise to the level of Consul, what did he have to do?
11. What two things would help a person to become more powerful in Rome?
2b. Using the chart on the website, fill in the missing boxes.
(Head of Government)
(300 members)
1 year term
Elected the 2 Consuls
Ran the government, overseeing
the work of other government
Consuls (Head of
Elected government officials,
including judges
Senate (300 members)
Directed spending, including tax
Approved or disapproved laws
made by the assembly
In an emergency, could choose a
dictator—a single ruler to make
quick decisions
Made decisions concerning
relationships with foreign powers
3. Read the biography on Julius Caesar here: Julius Caesar Biography
3a. Describe Julius Caesar using only three words:
3b. Why did you choose these words?
4. Go to: Julius Caesar Timeline
4a. Read the information carefully and fill out the timeline below for Caesar’s life
55 BC
45 BC
49 BC
44 BC