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Julius Caesar Act II Student Choice Activities
Create a map of the Roman
Empire during the time of
Caesar. Show which areas
he conquered and major
cities of the ancient world.
Write a poem that reflects
Brutus’ inner conflict
before he decided to join
the conspiracy against
Create a book jacket:
Choose one scene from Act
II that you think would
make an enticing book
cover for a new edition of
Julius Caesar. Design a
cover to include the title,
the author and your
Create a brochure
advertising Rome in 44 BC.
Include food, lodging and
entertainment. Be
historically accurate.
Do a PowerPoint
presentation summarizing
Act II in 5-7 slides. Be sure
to add color, movement,
and pictures. Just the
important points!
Write a rap song about Act
II. Videotape the rap being
performed. Put it onto a
DVD to turn in. Also turn in
your lyrics with the DVD.
You do not need to use
Elizabethan English.
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