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JULIUS CAESAR: Born on July 13, 100 BC, Julius Caesar, son of Gaius Julius Caesar and Aurelia Cotta,
Sister Julia Caesaris, was brutally assassinated on March 14, 44 BC. He was killed by the conspirators. But
most shockingly, Marcus Junius Brutus, often referred to as Brutus, or Caesar's best friend. It was said
that they all surrounded him then stabbed him multiple times in the back. They claim that it was for the
good of the Roman commoners. Their sentences still wait. A service will be held shortly
AULUS CAECINA: Born on May 23, 103 BC, Aulus Caecina, daughter of Marcus and Cornelia Caecina,
crashed in a terrible wagon pull accident dying on impact on March 15 44 BC. A viewing will be held at
Octina's funeral home on March 20 44 BC.
DIO DIDEUS: Born on December 30, 99 BC, Dio Dideus, son of Antionius and Milonius Catoneious, was
pushed into the water well by an unknown suspect at the time on March 16 44 BC. A service will be
held on March 21 44 BC at Octina's funeral home.
BILNORNA AND COTORNA DEX: Born on July 10th, 95 BC, the conjoined twins, Bilnorna and Cotorna
Dex, daughters of Jomimo and Lilkino Dex, were rushed to the hospital because of a lack of blood flow
after being smashed by a boulder while they we're working. Shortly after the arrival at the hospital they
were pronounced dead on March 16 44 BC. A conjoined service will be held at Octina's funeral home on