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Mohsin Ali
Mrs. Timm
April 17, 2013
Vocabulary Essay 24
Julius Caesar was a famous ruler of the Roman Empire. He dictated his empire to
success and great history. He conquered many of the European lands. Everybody was
scared of him but in the same time they loved him. He demonstrated his power and
prestige to the ancient world. He distinguished the world with his power. He was never
been displaced until someone killed him.
Caesar led the rise of the Roman Empire. His legendary story started before the
Christ was born. He was not a politician as the history books says, but somehow he
entered the world of politics because of his father’s death. His father was leader too.
After that, Caesar became the new high priest of Jupiter. After a civil war started between
his families, it triggered Caesar to leave Rome and join the army where he won the Civic
Crown for his important part in an important siege.
Sulla was his main enemy. After Sulla’s death at 78 BC, Caesar felt that he is safe
to return to Rome. With his return, after hard work and experience, he became the leader
of Rome. He made the world map have a spot for Rome. In the end, there were some
people that went rebellious at Julius Caesar. They sneaked up to him and they killed him
in his own mansion.