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Ancient Rome Quiz 2 STUDY GUIDE
(Read over the notes, worksheets, and summaries glued in your
notebook and use your History textbook Ancient Rome: Lessons 4-8.)
1. The Punic Wars were fought between Rome and Carthage.
2. Hannibal was the general of the Carthaginian army. He led the army over
the Alps to fight the Romans in Italy. He would rather kill himself than
surrender to the Romans.
3. The Romans won the last Punic War. They destroyed the city of Carthage
and the land around it by putting salt in the soil. They made the
Carthaginians into slaves.
4. Color the map to show the areas in the Roman Empire. Label the name of
the sea in the box.
Mediterranean Sea
5. An area that is conquered and under the control of a faraway government
is called a(n) province.
6. To win control of a land by attacking an enemy or fighting a war is to
7. A war between people who live in the same country is a(n) civil war.
Name____________________________________________ Date____________________ HR________
8. A ruler with complete power over a country, usually gained by force is a(n)
9. What queen of Egypt helped Marc Antony after Julius Caesar was
assassinated? Cleopatra
10.Who was given the name Augustus after he took power? Octavian
11.The Roman Empire spread over nearly all the lands surrounding the
Mediterranean Sea.
12.March 15, 44 B.C., the day Caesar was assassinated in the Senate, is also
known as the Ides of March.
Circle the best answer of the two choices in parenthesis.
13. Caesar made friends with (Hannibal / Pompey), Rome’s most famous general.
14. Julius Caesar was elected consul and named governor of two provinces that
bordered the area the Romans called (Gaul / Spain).
15. Caesar was a great general to his soldiers and a (Senator / hero) to the
people of Rome.
16. When Caesar decided to fight against his own country by crossing the
Rubicon River, he started a (Punic War / civil war).