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The Roman Republic
Study Guide 2.3
Name __________________
Period ____________
1. On what river was Rome established?
2. When did Rome begin?
3. Why do you think it would be difficult to learn a lot about the Latins?
4. Where did the Latin people learn about the Greek culture?
5. Who conquered Rome in 600 B.C. and how long did they rule?
6. Who helped the Etruscans king make decisions?
7. Who were thought to be the “fathers of the state”?
8. Why did the patricians rebel in 509 B.C.?
9. What is a Republic?
10. Who replaced the Etruscan king?
11. What two things checked their power?
12. Why wasn’t the Republic a true democracy?
13. What does the word plebeian mean?
14. Where was Carthage located?
15. What caused the Punic War?
16. How did the Romans defeat the powerful Carthaginian navy?
17. How did Hannibal surprise the Romans?
18. How did the Romans stop Hannibal’s’ destruction of the Italian peninsula?
19. What two languages blended to form our modern English language?
20. Roman general __________defeated Hannibal’s army at _________.
21. What caused the Third Punic War?
22. What was the outcome?
23. What does the term Mare Nostrum mean?
24. Why were soldiers upset when they returned to their homes?
25. Why couldn’t they find jobs in the city?
26. Who was the tribune who tried to give public land to the poor?
27. What happened to him?
28. What happened to his brother?
29. Who won the civil war between Marius and Sulla?
30. What happened to him?
31. What numeral replaced Roman numerals?
32. We call the rule of three Romans in 60 B.C. the ________________.