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The Roman Republic…True…or False?
Directions: First, read each of the following statements and decide whether you believe they are TRUE or FALSE. Then, read The Roman Republic (pages 155
- 159) in your textbook. As you read, search for evidence to show whether or not each statement is TRUE or FALSE. Be sure to mark this in the second
column of your chart. In the last column, explain what evidence you found in the text that makes the statement TRUE or FALSE. Good Luck!
Rome was built in a valley.
In 509 B.C. the Romans declared
their government a direct
A plebeian was a common farmer,
merchant or artisan who made up
most of the population.
The purpose of a tribune was to
inform Romans of the latest news in
The Twelve Tables guaranteed all
citizens protection under a unified
code of laws.
One Leader, called a President, ruled
The weak army of the Roman empire
left Rome vulnerable to attack.
All people conquered by the Romans
enjoyed rights of citizenship.
Hannibal was the Roman mastermind
during the Punic Wars.
10. By 70 B.C. the Roman Empire
spanned from Anatolia in the east to
Spain in the west.
I believe…
True or False
The text says…
True or False
Evidence from the text that shows the statement is True or False –
in my own words.