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WCV B2 ‘Livin’ the Life in Rome’ student-generated questions
The earliest mention of augury can be found in:
Which religion, based in Britannia and Gaul, was centered around nature and was banned in 54 CE?
What did a Roman lunch consist of?
What did the Romans use to sweeten their foods and desserts?
Romans ate their meals for between....
To what was the pantheon originally dedicated?
When were aqueducts built above ground?
How many people and what percent of the population could fit into Circus Maximus?
Which was not a main component of a typical Roman bath complex?
In chariot racing, what is the lead horse called?
What was the name of the glove that was loaded with nails, knots, lead, iron, and was used for a quick
What is the name of the Roman spot which used boxing, martial arts, and wrestling?
Which group of lower-class people were granted full citizenship in Rome?
The Ancient Roman Senate consisted of:
Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus made what important social reform in Rome?
The _____, accessed through the Gate of Death, was where dead bodies and bodies were dragged to be stripped
of their belongings.
Where did the Romans get their limestone from?
How many spectators could the Colosseum hold?
Romanesque Architecture is an architectural style characterized by ___ and ___.
Christianity was considered to be an illegal religion until 313 A.D when ___ granted the Christians freedom of