Download After leaving Troy, this hero played a role in the founding of Rome

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After leaving Troy, this hero played a role in the
founding of Rome. He is the ancestor of the
prominent Roman rulers.
These twins were raised by wolves.
Which one is Rome named after?
Romulus & Remus
This is a type of government where
people elect representatives; also
known as an indirect democracy.
This famous dictator stepped down
from power.
These are the common people, such as
craftsmen, traders, peasants.
The minority of the population,
including nobles who could be elected
to government.
elected officials who held one year
These are the two most powerful
This council of powerful Romans
advised officials and held office for life.
This means to forbid.
What was the language of the
This is a method of making sure
one group never gets too powerful.
checks and balances
Rome’s public meeting place is called
the ________.
These written laws were displayed
in the Forum. They are a symbol
of the rights of the Roman people.
Law of the Twelve Tables
This is a government with 3 parts.
This word means an army group
with up to 6000 soldiers.
This was a long series of wars
between Rome and Carthage.
Punic Wars
This brilliant general from Carthage
used elephants at war.
These Roman tribunes who wanted
to help Rome’s poor were killed for
their beliefs.
Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus
A Roman consul who encouraged
poor people to join the army.
Gaius Marius
A powerful Roman General who
became consul, then started a civil
Lucius Cornelius Sulla
This former gladiator led a slave