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Roman Thesis Statements:
*Please compose one thesis statement per category and bring that sentence (4 total) to class on
Monday. This must be typed, no exceptions.
Roman and Greek history are often the subject of comparison given their proximal
geography, and congruent time frame. Consider any three of the following themes and
analyze how the civilizations either compare or contrast.
 Cultural Traditions
 Economic Basis
 Social Class Structures
 Political Culture
 Religious Traditions
Free Response
What factors made Rome an ideal candidate for a strong, enduring, global civilization?
-orWhat do the experiences of the Gracchi Brothers as well as that of Marius and Sulla say
about the social tensions in Rome?
Change Over Time:
Discuss the economic changes that took place in Rome’s transformation from a Republic to
an Empire from 44 BCE to 180 AD.
-orAnalyze the constantly changing religious world of the Roman Empire.
What If?
Compare the Punic Wars to the Persian Wars, in what ways were both events pivotal, and
what might have happened had the outcomes had been different?