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Chapter 5 Questions
Directions: Answer the following in complete sentences based on your reading and knowledge
of Chapters 4/5 (Rome).
1. What were the advantages of the Rome’s location?
2. What were the three main parts of Roman government? (Explain each.)
3. What happened as a result of the wars with Carthage?
4. How did Caesar’s rule lead to the end of the republic in Rome?
5. What was the Pax Romana?
6. How were the people of the Roman Empire employed?
7. Why did people believe Jesus was the savior?
8. Why was Jesus put to death?
9. What did the Romans do to the Jews?
10.How was the Christian church organized?
11.How did Christianity change in the AD 300s and 400s?
12.What factors contributed to the spread of Christianity in the Mediterranean world?
13.Who was Constantine?
14.What economic problems did Rome face?
15.Who were the Huns and what was their importance in the fall of the Roman Empire?
**Create a timeline of events from the beginning of the Roman Empire to the fall of the
Roman Empire. On this timeline, you must have a minimum of 20 events that you fully
describe. Be sure that you list them in order and explain their importance.