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Rome Review- Ch.6.3, 6.4, 6.5
7. Became the basis of legal systems in most of Europe and the United States
9. New name given to the Roman capital; name after the emperor
13. The religion of Christianity is based upon the life and teachings of this
14. What happened to Christianity when Roman emperors persecuted the Church
15. Classical civilization is also called this, because it is a blending of
the two cultures
18. Leader of the Huns; as they swept westward, German tribes began moving
south, invading the Roman Empire
19. Christianity offered the promise of this after believers died
20. City that was destroyed in AD 79 after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius
1. He split the Empire in two, feeling that it had become too large for one
person to rule
2. These soldiers were hired into Rome's legions, but were only loyal to gold
and their commanding general
3. Engineering marvel created by the Romans to supply their cities with water
4. Roman empire's economy suffered from this when the value of their money
dropped quickly
5. Language spoken by people in the western part of the empire; became the
language of scholars in the west
6. Roman historian concerned with Rome's lack of morality
8. Title for the bishop of Rome
9. As emperor, he outlawed the persecution of Christians in AD 313
10. A leader in the Christian church who supervised several churches; usually
one of these for each major city
11. Paul was an example of this; a person who spreads a religion
12. Emperor Constantine moved the capital of the empire to this eastern city,
shifting power from Rome to the east
16. Languages that find their roots of the Roman language
17. Famous Roman poet who wrote epics similar to those of Homer
21. Meaning "savior"; many Jews believed that Jesus was this