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Chapter 9 Study Guide
Chapter 9
1. vault
4. anatomy
7. rhetoric
10. barter
2. satire
5. Forum
8. plaque
11. reform
3. ode
6. gladiator
9. inflation
12. mosaic
1. Compare Greek and Roman statues?
2. Who was Virgil?
3. Which Roman poet was known for writing satires and what was the subject of the
4. What did the Romans use to honor their gods and goddesses?
5. Who was Diocletain?
6. Where was the capital of Rome during Constantine’s rule?
7. What event marked the fall of the Roman Empire?
8. What three factors contributed to the fall of Rome?
9. Which Visigoth leader captured Rome?
10. What happened when Roman coins lost value in the A.D. 200s?
11. What was Justinian’s Code?
12. What was the Hagia Sophia?
13. How long did the Byzantine Empire last?
14. Who was Alaric?
15. What did Byzantines believe about their emperor?
16. What was the Basilian Rule?
17. What religion did the Byzantine Empire spread the Eastern Europe?
18. What was the role of emperor in the Byzantine Empire?