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Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire
 Founded by Constantine
 Extension of Rome
Eastern Roman Empire
Continues after Rome’s fall
Christian Empire
Greatest Empire of Dark Ages
 Justinian
Emperor at height
Wants to be Roman
Married to Theodora
Justinian Law Code
 Law code created by Justinian with 4 parts
The Code – 5,000 laws Roman laws still useful
The Digest – summary of great political thinkers
The Institutes – textbook for law students
The Novellae – new laws
 Roman laws written down & preserved
Justinian’s Other
 Hippodrome – free entertainment
arena for chariot races & circus
 Could hold up to 60,000-100,000
 532—Nika Rebellion
 Protesting taxes
 City is burned
 Rebuilds (with high taxes)
 Hagia Sophia – beautiful
cathedral rebuilt by Justinian with
great mosaics, lights, etc.
Division in the Church
 Patriarch – leader of the
Eastern church
 People riot as a result of
emperor’s iconoclasm-banning of icons
(religious images to help
in devotions)
 Pope excommunicates
(kicked out of the church)
Byzantine emperor
 1054 – All this comes to
a head as the church
splits/divides (schism)
 Result of Pope & Patriarch
excommunicating each
 Result: Christianity is split
into Eastern Orthodox &
Western Roman Catholic
Crisis for Constantinople
 Constantinople attacked (by other
Christians) during 4th Crusade (1202–1204)
 Burned/Plundered city
 Never recovers
 1453—Falls to Ottoman Turks
 City converted to Muslim city—ISTANBUL!
 Legacy:
 Extends Hellenistic Culture
 Extends Roman values