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Justinian For President
Big Picture: By Ad 476, The Roman Empire had disintegrated. Old Roman
territories in Western Europe were now controlled by different Germanic tribes.
However, in Eastern Europe, a new Empire was born. With its capital at
Constantinople, it would last for another 1,000 years. The name of this empire was
the Byzantine Empire. Perhaps the greatest emperor to rule the Byzantine Empire
was Emperor Justinian I who ruled from 527-565 AD. Your Job: Justinian has
traveled through time and has arrived in the present day United States. Always
eager for power, he has decided to run for President. Due to your skills of
persuasion, he has hired you to get his message out to the American people as to
why he should be elected. He wants you to make a campaign poster that
highlights his qualifications for the job. You will need to focus on his main
accomplishments as emperor of the Byzantines in order to get the job done.
Some things you will need to include in your poster:
The years he ruled
Conquests of territories (remember he wanted to restore the old Roman
The preservation of Roman Law (Code of Justian)
Arts and Architecture (Hagia Sofia and mosaic art)
Extending rights to women
The creation of an advanced alphabet (Cyrillic)
Use your textbook and other resources to get an explanation of these and other
accomplishments you want to include.
Your poster will be graded out of 100 points and based on the following:
4 pictures or illustrations minimum
factual information (see above list)
creativity and color
neatness & organization
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